Pastor’s Message

bishop-geoffrey-sanielGreetings to all visitors of this site across the world. May the love and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us all!

Let me introduce myself, I am Pastor Geoffrey ‘Jojo’ Saniel, Sr., married with three children.

I finished my Bachelor of Science in Theology in 1992 at Baloy Bible College of Pentecostal Church of God Asian Mission International in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.

I started pioneering works in 1994 with the local church known as the “City Church of Praise” until today. The church is situated in the heart of the city of Iligan. Iligan City is located in the southern part of the Philippines in the island of Mindanao and it is made up of 44 Barangays (the local political unit). The city’s population is around 360,000, more or less, comprising two main major religions – Islam and Christianity. Among the Christians, Roman Catholicism is the dominant denomination.

Iligan City, which is adjacent to a Muslim area, is sometimes unfairly associated to terroristic activities by the less knowledgeable groups. Poverty is widespread though some people are engaged in farming and industrial employment, but majority of the people especially in the remote Barangays are living below the poverty line. Aside from that, Iligan City is not also free from illegal drugs, prostitution, gambling, night-life activities, and many more. So, these are the kind of people we are trying to deal with and reach out.

For the past decade, our church was stagnant, not much church growth and ministries happened until lately God revealed to us the Mission and Vision of our church. The Mission – is to seek the lost, to save the sinners, and bring everyone into the family of God. The Vision- is to build strong and godly leaders, and to establish cell churches in all 44 Barangays in Iligan City.

City Church of Praise is committed to spread out the gospel and to reach out even the remotest Barangay of Iligan City. We believe that when more people come to know God, Iligan City would become a better place to live in. So we pray that God would provide us the resources needed to make our mission and vision become possible.

Bishop Geoffrey Saniel Sr.
CCOP – Senior Minister