As early as 2:00 am in the morning of December 20, 2016, CCOP’s Mission Trip team comprising of at least 12 people headed by Ptr Placido Quiling departed bound to Bukidnon to visit our daughter church’s pastor (Ptr Jesus Piquero) in Valencia City and to attend the 1st Annual Thanksgiving                 celebration (December 21, 2016) of our second daughter church in San Fernando Bukidnon hosted by Ptr Ian Piquero, whose guest speaker was Bro Jemar Orpeza (a member of CCOP BOT)

Bukidnon province is a very beautiful mountainous ranges with many wonderful sceneries, we were truly amazed the magnificent creation of God. Travelling distance from Iligan City to Valencia City is 210 kilometers (around 5 hrs drive) while San Fernando is 250 kilometers from Iligan City (around 6 hrs drive)

“A Place of Praise”, the name of our daughter church  in  San  Fernando  Bukidnon,  rented  a small residential   house   used   as   their   worship  and 20 members, bible study groups in the neighborhood and one tribal outreach in nearby baranggay.  The host pastor, Ptr Ian Piquero has pleading us to help him cry out to the Lord to provide his needs such as the acquisition of church lot for the main church in Halapitan San Fernando and the materials (such as roofing sheets and nails, small parcel of lot and lumber can be acquired thru donation) needed for the construction of small church for his tribal outreach in sitio Kasilaan.

Thanksgiving celebration was very successful; members and visitors were so blessed with the songs of praise and worship and especially blessed with the Word of God delivered by the speaker Bro. Jemar Orpeza. We leave the place and the brethren there with our hearts full of joy as we were able to minister God’s people and in a little way have worked for the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

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