“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” Psalm 133:1 (NIV)

The Bible describes how beautiful and important unity among God’s people is. With unity, there is beauty, bounty, blessing and victory. Indeed, unity is a very essential component of the church which should be preserved and fostered by God’s people. However, it can only be achieved when the leaders God has appointed are united in purpose, mind and spirit.

Last August 21-23, City Church of Praise (CCOP) conducted the 1st Leaders’ Conference at CCOP Fellowship Center with the theme “Leading Leaders in One Direction”. Pastors from Bukidnon and Camiguin together with the pastors, leaders and workers of CCOP joined the said conference with the objective of making the organization more organized in adherence to the fact that God is the God of order as well as unifying the leaders to achieve the greater purpose God has predetermined.

On the 1st night, Bishop Geoffrey Saniel Sr., CCOP Senior Minister, shared about the history of CCOP and how it was developed by God over the years. He discussed how the ministry started, from his calling as God’s servant up to what it is today. He also shared God’s revelation for CCOP church growth plan way back in 2008 wherein the fascinating CCOP mission and vision were introduced. The brief discussion was followed by a short exhortation by Bishop Danilo Bantilan in which he emphasized what direction should the people of God be heading and it is none other than the place God prepared for His prepared people which is the heaven. So the 1st night was ended with prayer and declaration facilitated by Bishop Bantilan for all the delegates in the conference.

On the 2nd night, Bishop Saniel continued with his discussion wherein he asserted the standards and qualifications of a godly leader. Also, he emphasized that usurp of authority should always be avoided since it causes division, rebellion and destruction. Lastly, he talked about the importance of coordination, cooperation and communication among leaders since through it harmony will be achieved.

On the 3rd night, Bishop Saniel reminded everyone regarding the purpose and objective standard for the ministry group. He accentuated that a leader should work in order for its members to achieve spiritual maturity, activeness and fruitfulness. He also enumerated the scope of the responsibility and accountability of the leaders. As he said, leaders are accountable to what God has given us such as the gifts or talents, the time, the unity, the tithes and among others.

The 1st CCOP Leadership Conference concluded equipping the delegates with all the learning and inspiration to work hard for God’s glory since it is written in the book of Corinthians that the labor of God’s people for His glory is not in vain.

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