CCOP has again conducted its 3rd Commissioning Ceremony or we also called it as “Pinning of Responsibility”.  This ceremony is made to all CCOP Leaders, Officers and Workers who hold different tasks. This is to give meaningful emphasis that any task     delegated to everyone is a holy task. Everyone understood that it is not just a title or position but it is a responsibility with  corresponding accountability.

The ceremony was held at CCOP Center on September 18, 2016.  The number of commissioned individuals were about 63 members who holds different tasks such as Ministry Group Chairman, Committee Chairman, Cell Group Leaders, Asst Cell Group Leaders, Evangelists and Bible Study leaders, Officers of different ministry groups, Sunday school teachers, Tambourine Dancers, Instrumentalists, Song Leaders and Back-up Singers.

The highlight of the event was the pinning of the responsibility symbols or we call it “Responsibility Pin”.  The pins come into various forms and designs according to the level of responsibility.  Each commissioned individuals may received one or more of these Responsibility Pins depending the level and number of tasks delegated to them.  Wearing of the appropriate pin during every group meeting and other special gatherings or events is required.

The ceremony include a slide presentation depicting   each commissioned individuals’ newly accepted tasks,  training, skills and ministry experiences.  Pastor Plass Quiling gave a short  message as exhortation and  encouragement to everyone  pertaining to their newly accepted and recommitted tasks. Afterwards, Ptr Plass Quiling lead the Oath-taking Covenant made by the newly commissioned and recommitted individuals.  Finally, Bishop Saniel made a pray-over for anointing, wisdom and ability for everyone to be able to do their respective tasks with love, joy and dedication in their hearts.

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