A long planned Mission Trip to the Philippines by Bristol Missionary team had finally pushed through last October 14-27, 2016. The team were comprised of four (4) missionaries namely: Sis. Annabelle Trickel (the leader of the team), Bro. Brian Trickel, Sis. Milly  Villalobos and Bro. Jose Feliciano.

A lot of Church activities and home fellowships were done during their visit such as: upon their arrival on Friday, October 14, a dinner fellowship was held at Legaspi’s residence (the house of sister Annabelle’s parents) with Bishop Geoffrey and wife  sister Alona Saniel, Pastor Plass and wife Helen Quiling, Bro Jemar and wife sis Marjorie Orpeza (CCOP oldest members) and some Legaspi’s family friends. The next day October 15, the team visited Pastor Plass’ residence and had a dinner fellowship there.

Then at about 1PM the team proceeded to Villa Verde Elementary School and conducted the Feeding activities for children.  The team were given different tasks during the feeding; Bro Jose told a Bible story to children with uncle Frank (the puppet) where children enjoying very much, Bro Brian assigned to lead the action songs and games for children that was full of fan while Sis Milly with Sis Annabelle were assigned to share the gospel to the children’s parents. God touched the heart of parents that led some of them to accept Jesus Christ.

On Sunday, Oct 16, everyone in CCOP was so excited to worship God and to listen to his message that was delivered by his servant sister Annabelle   Trickel. It was a beautiful message that reminded       everyone how important the Holy Spirit is to the life of each believer. After the message a challenge or altar call was made and the moving of the Holy Spirit manifested to those responded the call.

Sunday afternoon was again a long day for the team.  Sister Milly ministered to the CCOP women group, while sister Annabelle met the CCOP BOT to reiterate the message of Pastor Dave of Bristol Hope for CCOP and discussed some important concerns regarding the partnership of Bristol Hope Assembly and City Church of Praise as sister churches. By 5:00 PM all four members of the team attended the youth service and deli- gently gave and share their opinions, answers and explanations to the dozens of questions raised by the youth in different areas of concerns.

More works been done the following week after having a whole day break on Monday; On        Tuesday night meeting with the men and young men with Bro Jose and Bro Brian. Bro Jose shared a message about the “Responsibility of men to his family as God-fearing and God-loving man” while Bro Brian shared on “How to avoid temptations and how to maintain holy life” On Wednesday during mid-week service, sharing the life testimonies of the four members of the team on how the Lord called them and used them in the ministry. Their life stories were very heart touching and life-encouraging ones.

The rest of the team flew back to Pennsylvania but Bro Jose left and extends his work for a week.

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